Delta Wharf – some background

Delta Wharf comprises a long area of land between and overlapping with the areas now known as Victoria Deep Water Wharf to the south and Point Wharf to the north. On the Skinner plan, at the north end of Victoria Deep is a narrow plot owned by Morden College, in the occupation of Thomas Jeffrey and north of this two plots owned by Sir William Sanderson, also in the occupation of Thomas Jeffrey.  North of this is a Morden College owned plot occupied by Peter Huck.

This northern plot is later shown in the occupation of John Bethell – the dating of this addition to the 1838 Morden College plan is not clear. At the same time the southern Morden College owned plot is in the occupationof Calvert Clark. The middle section has passed into the ownership of Mrs. Suttonstall (or Saltonstall).  On the tithe map these sections are all described as ‘marsh meadow’ or ‘foreland’.

During the early 1820s a section of sea wall in this area became unstable.

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