East Greenwich Gas works

coloured panarmaThe East Greenwich Gas Works was built by the South Metropolitan Gas Works from 1881. South Met. were based in the Old Kent Road and had achieved a premier position in the gas world under their charismatic chair, George Livesey.  In the 1870s inner city gas companies were encouraged to build works outside of the inner city – this was South Met’s super works.  It was built with the highest aspirations

South Metropolitan Gas Works. East Greenwich  General article on the history of the works

Notes on House of Lords Enquiry 1881 into the Bill for the Works. These notes are about the dry dock

THE MILLENIUM SITE – WHO BUILT THE GASWORKS article on the history of the works written for Bygone Kent

The Gas Works – first news from Journal of Gas Lighting article on the first plans for the works from Journal of Gas Lighting

The Gas Works on the Greenwich Peninsula article on GIHS blog reviewing article in London Journal

The Gas Workers of South London – the Co-partnership scheme article written for South London Record

Duke of Gloucester visit to the Coking Plant article on the Greenwich Industrial History blog

Life at East Greenwich Gas Works article on GIHS web site

The Gas Workers’ Strike in South London 1889 article written for South London Record

Future of the gas works site. 1980s.  speculative article on the future of the site from an unknown source

South Met Gas in the Second World War  local authority account of war time works

The Purification of Coal Gas article from Copartnership Journal

KM 1890 gasworks accident0001 – report from the Kentish Mercury 1890 of a fatality

Dedication of the Gas Works War memorial  =- article from Co-partnership Journal

Memorial Gardens. Rededication of the Gas Works Memorial  – Article from GIHS newsletter

Notes on a trip round the site before the Dome

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