Francis Peyton


Although the identity of Francis Peyton is not clear there were Peytons active in Greenwich, and in Government circles in this period.

In Greenwich in 1636, ‘Thomas Peyton of Deptford’ had been granted a patent for ‘charking sea coals’. Exactly who he was is not known but someone who knew Deptford well was Sir Thomas Peyton of Knowlton near Chillenden who also had an interest in property in the Mottingham area. He had an interest in coal supplies to London since he acquired the right to levy customs on coal for £2,000. John Evelyn knew him, and described visits by mutual friends and social visits in the early 1650s. Peyton had been involved in one of the many skirmishes of the Civil War when, following petitions raised in Canterbury, he was appointed Lt.General of a party of 6,000 horsemen and 1,000 foot soldiers. At Deptford this force met Fairfax who had four regiments of horsemen and three regiments of infantry. Battles ensued at Northfleet and Maidstone.

Thomas Peyton’s interest in coke manufacture in Greenwich has been linked to the Deptford copperas works – and it may also be of note that the site around Enderby  Wharf may also have been used for copperas manufacture.

There were other Peytons who might well have had a relative with an interest in the Greenwich riverside – In 1597 Sir John Peyton, who died in 1630, had been Governor of the Tower of London It must be a coincidence that it was from the Tower that the gunpowder depot was moved by the Government.

The Early East London Gas Industry And Its Waste Products


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