Accidents at East Greenwich Works

1935 Kentish Mercury

Accident at East Greenwich Works
Catford Man’s Fractured Spine
How a Catford man tripped over an oil tray and fractured his spine a described at the Greenwich inquest on Monday of Henry James target (40) of 13 Glengfarg Road. Mr. Targett was employed at the Greenwich Inlaid Linoleum Company’s works at East Greenwich where the accident happened on January 24th He died in St. Alfege’s Hospital, East Greenwich on Friday.
William Tofts of 52 Glenister Road east Greenwich who worked with Targett said they went on night shift together on the evening of January 23rd. He last saw Targett before the accident at about 3 am when they were pulling a door down.
‘Then I was called away’, went on Witness ‘and when I came back I found him lying outside the shop’. He asked me to help him up as he had hurt himself. I went to life him but I could no do so as he was in too much pain. I went for assistance and we carried him outside’.
Dragging a bag of whiting
Tofts said Targett told him he was dragging a bag of whiting round to the pans and fell when he caught his right foot on a tray of oil. The trays which were used for solid oil were usually left on the floor. Made of iron sheeting they were 4 ins deep, and in area 2ftr 6ins by 2ft.
Another witness said Targett told him he caught his heel in the tray and dragged over on to his back.
When the jury returned a verdict of ‘accidental causes’ the foreman said they desired to know if guards could be placed round oil trays.
Mr. Topham (Factory Inspector) pointed out that the trays which were generally on good condition were on the floor and men would know they were there.

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