Armitage Road,
Bassett’s Place

Bethell’s Cottages. Lady Marsh – a note of 1834 describes housing being built by Bethel in this area. This is the area to the east of Tunnel Avenue now under the A102M and roadworks.

Blakeley Buildings
Boord Street
Brewster’s Buildings.
Ceylon Place
Collerston Road,
Cromwell Terraces
Denford Street,
East Place
four houses at Enderby’s Wharf
Glenister Road
Grenfell Street,
Hatcliffe Buildings,

Iddenden Cottages – three quarters of a square of cottages in Tunnel Avenue. Built by the LCC in 1891. Now the site of part of the Amylum car park?

Kirkland Place – small road running north from the junction of Morden Wharf Road and Tunnel Avenue. Now part of the Amylum Works. On maps late 1860s.

Margaret Terraces
Marsh Lane were five houses, and twelve cottages built for the rope workers.
Morden Wharf Lane. Also called Sea Witch Lane 10 cottages,.
Providence Place
Providence Place,
Riverbank Cottages
Selcroft Road
Sidmouth Place
Sigismund Street
Spencer Terraces
Talbot Buildings,
Teddington Terraces
Wheaton Street, Ordnance Road
York Place,


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