Industries and firms


Aggregate –  Tarmac at Granite Wharf  –  Blackwall Aggregates –  Murphys – Bardon Aggregates – CEMEX UK Materials (Aggregates) Ltd

Amenity – Dome Peninsula Ecology Centre Greenwich Yacht Club Greenwich Meridian Yacht Marina

Animal FoodMollassine, Kent Forage Mills

Armaments – Blakeley Ordnance Co

Articificial stone and composition  William Buckwell Ransome Sir John Pett Lillie – Hodges and Butler Thames Silicated Stone Works – Improved Silicate Stone Works

Barge Builders  Cruden at Morden Wharf     –  Hughes at Providence Wharf  –  James Piper at Piper’s Wharf  –  James West at Morden Wharf and Granite Wharf  – Shrubsall Badcock  –Norton – William Hoskins – Eastwoods Barge Builders

Ballast –  Primrose Wharf at Morden Wharf

Brass – William Harrod

Briquettes – Wylam Steam Fuel Co. at Morden Wharf

BronzeDelta Metal, Saeculonia Bronze Co.

Cement manufacture –  Ashby, George Crowley at Morden Wharf –  Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers at Morden Wharf –  Hollick at Morden Wharf Rowton & Whiteway at Greenwich Wharf –  Winkfield Bell at Enderby Wharf

Chemical Works –  Bleach/copperas/vitriol at Enderby Wharf  – Frank Hills – Mockford Manure Co.  – Biphosphated Guano – The Standard Ammonia Co. -National Benzol Co.

Coke manufacture –  Coles Child at Greenwich Wharf – Coalite

Coal trade –  Coles Child at Greenwich Wharf –  Dawson at Dawson’s Wharf –  John Waddell and Co. – at Greenwich Wharf –  Rowton & Whiteway at Greenwich Wharf

Composition –  Sir John Pett Lillie at Morden Wharf

Cooperage – William Neale – William Armstrong

Engineers –  Beale, John at Enderby WharfAppleby Engineers – Flavell Butler Montgomery and Churchill

Explosive devices – Dyer and Robson, firework factory, Billingsley  and Munyard Ammunition works, Gladstone Ammunition works, Martini Henry, Blenheim Engineering

FishingWilliam Bracegirdle

Gas WorksSouth Metropolitan Gas Works

Gunpowder –  Government Depot

Ice Trade –  Ashby – at Greenwich Wharf  – North Pole Ice Co.

KnackersHarrison Barber

Lamp BlackUnited Lamp Black

Limeburning and lime kilns –  Coles Child at Greenwich Wharf – Mr. Walker at Greenwich Wharf

Linoleum – Greenwich Inlaid Linoleum

Local Authority –  Greenwich District Board of Works at Board of Works Wharf (became Badcock’s) – Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich  Tunnel Avenue Depot   – Thames Conservancy

Manure – Henry Howard and Bridge Stondon

Metal Transhipment –  Shaw Lovell – at Greenwich Wharf (became Lovell’s Wharf

Mud – Mud Shoot

Oxygen –  British Oxygen

Paintworks on Morden Wharf 1950s, Stevenson and Davis, A.E.D.G.Gay

Pattern Maker – John Clarke

Power StationBlackwall Point Power Station

PubsMechanics ArmsMitre PilotSea Witch   – Star in the EastShip and Billet Green Man – Golden Anchor – Cutty Sark

ResearchFuel Research Station

River Services –  Tilbury Dredging and Contracting Co. at Providence Wharf

Rope –  Millington & James Littlewood at Enderby Wharf –  Enderby family

Rubber – Ricard Gubbins India Rubber Works, Hammac Rubber Syndicate

Sacking – A.S.Henry

Saw Mill – Greenwich Saw Mill – Lister Saw Mills

ScrapThames Metal Co.  – George Robinson, George Bischshlager, Ernest Birdseye

Seed MillGreigs – London Seed Mill

Ship and barge repairGeorge Bullock at Granite Wharf and Morden Wharf –  John Badcock at Badcock’s Wharf  –  T.Scholey – at Piper’s Wharf – Bay Wharf – Pascoe and Wright  – Dry Docks Corporation of London

Ship Building –  National Company for Boat Building by Machinery  –  Maudslay Son and Field – Stockwell and Lewis – John Stewart

Smith – James Ashbridge, Greenwich Iron Works

Spices – Greenwich Mustard Mill

Steel Stockholder – Redpath Brown (British Steel, Bolckow Vaughan, Dorman Long) –R. Williams (Steel Stockholders) Ltd., 1950s

Soap –  Wilkie and Soames (Thames Soap Works) –  Lever Brothers

Steel – Bessemer – Steel and Ordnance Co.

Stone Wharf and road making materials –  John Mowlem & Co, Granite Wharf –  Wimpey & Co,

Sugar Refinery  –  Tunnel Glucose/Amylum/ Tate and Lyle/Syroll

Tar distillers –  Bryan and Howden, at Morden Wharf –  Charles T. Holcombe, at Morden Wharf – Willis and Wright at Bay Wharf; Forbes Abbott South Metropolitan Gas Co. Tar Works –John Bethell & Co. –  Improved Wood Paving

Telegraph Cables and Communications Equipment Alcatel at Enderby Wharf – at Morden Wharf and Enderby Wharf –  Nortel –  Submarine Cables Ltd. – Submarine Telephones and Cables Ltd. –  Telegraph Cables and Maintenance Company –  William Henley –  William Kuper at Morden Wharf

Tide MillMedieval Mill East Greenwich Tide Mill

Timber  –Christie

Transport – Angerstein RailwayJubilee Line, North Greenwich Station, Cable Car, Blackwall Tunnel

WasteMurphy’s Wharf

Wharfage –  Davis Morgan & Co, – at Greenwich Wharf –  John Waddell and Co. –at Greenwich Wharf –  Taylor Brothers Storage at Morden Wharf –  Thames Export and Packing at Morden Wharf –  Yarmouth Carriers – at Greenwich Wharf – Victoria Deep Water Wharf – Civil and Marine – Joseph GuyNorman Houliford


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