Blackwall Lane (also called Marsh Lane)
The original lane down through the peninsula. Shown on all plans and still in place today. On the eighteenth century Roque Plan (left) the lane is seen leaving the junction of Woolwich Road at the ‘Ship and Billet (now ’Frog and Radiator’) and meandering down into fields with a divide half way down. Today the lane still leaves the junction on it’s ancient line travelling under the flyeover of M102M for the Blackwall Tunnel Approach.
At a point past the present flyover the lane divided and the left branch turned sharply to the east – when Tunnel Avenue was built this section was renamed Dreadnought Street – and some vestiges of this street remain in the slip road to Dreadnought School . It rejoined the A102M at the junction of Morden Wharf Road and then  left, before the Tunnel entrance, to continue on its ancient line to Drawdock Road albeit renamed Tunnel Avenue. The right branch was traceable until the late 1990s as Blackwall Lane which branched off from underneath the motorway bridge and then became Riverway continuing past the Pilot pub to the river. Today this can only be followed with great difficulty but was roughly ‘as the crow flies’ from the Motorway Bridge to the Pilot Inn (now off West Parkside) From the Pilot it went directly to the river on a line now not easily travelled.

Tunnel Avenue
Built in the 1890s?? as the approach road to the Blackwall Tunnel. Leaves the Woolwich Road at the junction with Horn Lane and travels north west across the peninsula to join Blackwall Lane at the north east corner of the Telegraph Works. It then crossed Blackwall Lane and continued down the Peninsula to the ’old’ tunnel entrance and on the line of Blackwall Lane to the entrance of Ordnance Wharf. Today the road still exists much of it in this way – crossing Blackwall Lane it continues past the factories to briefly join the A102M and then continues down to the barrier beyond which are the portacabins for the old offices of the New Millennium Experience Co., and Drawdock Road

John Harrison Way

John Harrison Way is a new road built in 1998 to service the Millennium Village. Just off it is locate the gas works war memorial

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