Area of the Millennium Village


The Millennium Village was constructed post 1999.

It covers sites described in:

Pear Tree Wharf
Riverway sites
Bugsby’s Hole

The area shown on the Skinner plan (1746)

Ownership indicated on Skinner is  Sir William Sanderson (tenant Thomas Moor)
Sir John Cotton, Elliott and Knight (tenants Peter Lewis – 1 plots, Thomas Floyd – 2 plots)
Morden College (occupation of Thomas Moor) field name might be traceabe
Poor of Farningham (this is thought to refer to Roper’s Charity)
All sites are ‘Singles’ indicated sites of a lower rateable value.

This consists largely of land occupied by the Riverside Steel Works (originally structural steel works established by Redpath Brown) on land previously occupied by Mason Bros., market gardeners and used for spoil from the Blackwall Tunnel. Redpath Brown was taken over by Dorman Long who maintained a separate area (known as the Dorman Long site) in the eastern part of the works – and both sites were subsequently nationalised under British Steel – but continued to be known locally as ‘Redpath’s’.

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