Morden College

Morden College
Morden College still own land on the Greenwich Peninsula, although not these plots. The charity was set up in 1680 by Sir John Morden endowing it with land, most of which had originally derived from Crown grants after the Civil War. Income from this land was used to fund the care of elderly and retired ‘Turkey Merchants’. Today the College continues to house the elderly in its eighteenth century almshouse on the far side of Blackheath, and in other, more modern accommodation. The Charity’s trustees are all ex-Lord Mayors of London.

They Owned:

Great Meadow and Dog Kennel Field

Part of Enderby Wharf. Site marked K1 on Skinner.  Acquired it as part of a land swap when the gunpowder magazine was built in the seventeenth century.  In the 1840s it was described as a paddock and meadow.  Some cottages had been built fronting on to Blackwall Lane.  Their lease expired in 1854 and it was then leased to a George Smith, and then to a Mr. Keiser.

Great and Little Pits

Sites Marked on Skinner in Morden College Ownership


MC1 – area to the immediate west of Pelton Road. No occupier listed.

MC2 – south of above, Occupied by Ambrose and John Crowley

MC3 – east of above. Same occupiers

MC4 – Great Meadow etc.  Same occupiers

MC5 – L  shaped plot south of Bendish Sluice, fronting on Marsh Lane. Occupied Thomas Jeffrey

MC 6 –

MC 7 – large riverside plot going from gunpowder works boundary to present Victoria Deep Water boundary.  Occupied Thomas Jeffrey

MC8 – plot north of Marsh Lane. Occupied as above.

MC9 – inland plot south of Blackwall Point. Part of Ordnance Wharf area. Occupied Thomas Moor,

MC10 – Inland plot east side of Arnold Sluice. Occupied Thomas Jeffrey

MC11 – Inalnd plot west side of Arnold Sluice.  Occupied as above

MC12 – small strip on site of today’s Victoria Deep Water Wharf. Occupied  as above.

MC13 – riverside west bank – Delta Wharf area,. Occupied Peter Huck

MC14-  south of  MC9. Occupied Thomas Moor.

MC15 – large riverside plot on the Point. Ordnance Wharf included. Occupied Peter Huck

MC16 – Plot south of Riverway  – occupied Peter Huck


Inland plot – rough steelworks area. Occupied Thomas Moor.



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