letter re. Lennard Still

Historic Asphalt Frederic Lennard

Note from Timothy Peters

Dear Dr. Mills,

Further to my note of the 28th Feb, I have come across a reference to Lennard in an American book; Bituminous
Materials: Asphalts, Tars, and Pitches (1966). Edited by Arnold J. Hoiberg. Vol. Ill, p 518. Interscience
Publishers, New York. Which says:
“The continuous production of residual products from bituminous materials by means of so-called pipe heaters or
tube stills was invented in England by Frederic Lennard in 1891 and a few stills of this type were used there
for distilling coal tar to briquette pitch and other tar materials. However the first extensive use of such equipment
was started in the United States by the Barrett Company shortly before World War I.
Ref.: Lennard, Frederic, “Improvements in and Apparatus for Distilling, more Especially Intended for Distilling
Tar,” British Patent No. 844 (1891).

I hope this is of interest.
Kind regards, Timothy Peters

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