Notes on Bell’s Asbestos

NOTES ON Bell Asbestos Works Co

Harefield’s Turner and Newall Ltd. The First 50 Years.
3 Catalogues – copies at Ironbridge Gorge Museum Library (includes pictures of Southwark Site)

Asbestos manufacturer, came from 59 Southwark Street (the Bell Asbestos motif is still over the door – it is now London Government building)

Greenwich Works: they took over the London Seed Crushing Co’s wharf in 1900, there for 25 years and then went to Harefield to premises used by British and Foreign Co.

1882 United Asbestos Co
1910 Bells Asbestos,
1929 Turner and Newall went to Erith, 1935.
1970 were Turners Asbestos Cement Co.

They also had a factory at Widnes (info Derek Bayliss)

Bells site – in 1914 this was the property of Trinity Hospital.
on the west was the property of Morden College

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