Primrose Wharf

In 2002 Ground work said:
Primrose Wharf Habitat Enhancements
The small inlet upstream of Primrose Jetty, and the downstream concrete apron extending in to Bay Wharf, are part of a habitat creation initative by the Deptford Discovery Team in collaboration with the Environment Agency. Terraced beds have been created and planted with reeds, to be colonised by
intertidal species. upstream of jetty was delivered in 1999 by theDeptford Discovery Team, and funded by LOA. The front face of the reedbed terrace is to be completed by installation of a timber frontage in 2002. Phase 2 was delivered and funded by the Environment Agency. Project Management: Deptford Discovery Team Designer: JCLA Contractor: Roadways and Car Parks Ltd
Future proposals: The extension of Phase 2 towards Bay Wharf is under consideration.

Primrose Wharf Jetty
Access improvements and surfacing to the jetty, with its spectacular views up and down river, were carried out in 1998, resulting in a large increase in public usage. The jetty surface and flood defence wall were adapted to enable
disabled access. Delivered by: The Greenwich Experience
Funded by: LDA Designed by: Jonathan Louth Associates and The Greenwich Experience. Subsequently an industrial heritage information panel has been installed on the parapet railings by the Deptford Discovery Team

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