Wharf area, silos and jetties. Amylum

In 2002 Groundwork noted:
Amylum Oil Jetty. Formerly a Council jetty, now sporadically used for oil deliveries to Amylum’s plant. Current project (Groundwork): Replacement of corrugated sheeting at jetty  entrance by new railings and gates. proposals: provision of new  parapet railings to permit public access, and a habitat enhancement project  to encourage bird life.
Amylum Garden. Amylum U.K. Ud implemented the original garden alongside riverside walk  with disabled access; this was damaged by syrup spillage necessitating  remedial action. Overflow pipe installed to avoid future spillage,  2002.Delivered by: Amylum U.K.Ud/Groundwork. Funded by:  LDA. Future Proposals New disabled garden, further extended into Amylum site.

Amylum’s Silos. Currently unused, the silos are a substantial landmark on this section of the  river. RSPB Nesting boxes for peregrine falcons areto be installed by Greenwich  Council.  The Greenwich Mural Workshop have proposed a stainless steel installation  located at the base of the silos to reflect the structure above at footpath level.
Long term suggestions have included their development as riverfront facility  e.g.viewing tower. Methods of reducing the amounts of flotsam and jetsam  that collect beneath the silos are being investigated. Use of silos for projection during  Hysterical Walk event. (note: the silos were demolished by French site owners in 2010)

Morden Wharf. This historic wharf now presents a bland river frontage. Its presence would  be reinforced by reinstating the lettering on the flank wall facing the silos. At  the south side of the wharf is a tight corner on the riverside walk where flotsam and jetsam accrues; there is potential here for habitat enhancements.

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