Forbes Abbott and Co. notes


Forbes, Abbot and Lennard, Sussex wharf, E6; Rye; Shoreham and SW tar distillers.

Nathan Dews. History of Deptford.
South Metropolitan Gas took over the tar works from Forbes Abbott and Lennard who moved to Sussex Wharf – it was next Bethel’s Wharf and became Standard Ammonia and National Benzole Co. In l906 it became ICI.

Journal of Gas Lighting
12th June 1867. Mr. Forbes of Old Ford took out a patent on the manufacture of sulphate of ammonia
10th January 1865. Register of new patents: James Forbes of Old Ford, Bow in the County of Middlesex for improvements in the means of and apparatus for manufacturing sulphate of ammonia and sulphuric acid.

Minutes of the South Metropolitan Gas Co.
26th May 1863: Tenders for ammoniacal liquor which had hitherto been sold to Messrs. Owen under contract for the last six years to go to Forbes Abbott: Resolved: that the contract to supply be deferred and that in the meantime the Secretary be instructed to make enquiry respecting Mr. Abbott.
21st June 1869: The following tenders were received for ammoniacal liquor made at the company’s works for the next three years: Messrs, Forbes & Co. J. Hills, Messrs Simpson, and J. Baggs. Forbes accepted.

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