George Bullock and James West

George Bullock and James West

Bullock is shown in the rate books on two separate sites on the Peninsula during the 1850s and early 1860s. One is at Morden Wharf – where he is shown as having a ‘barge house’ and the other adjacent to Granite Wharf with a ‘grid iron for ships’.

In 1860 a lease was also granted by Coles Child to James West ‘for bank and foreshore’ opposite the brickfield of Rowton and Whiteway.

At Morden Wharf James West is listed for having a barge house in 1861 with Bullock on neighbouring site.

In 1869 a ‘grid iron’ marked in the river roughly in the area of the end of the current Morden Wharf Lane.

In the 1860s Bullock advertised services in the Kentish Mercury as a ship repairer and timber merchant with an address in Thames Street, Greenwich. He was also described as a having a ‘patent slip and ship building yard’

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