William Kuper and Co. was a wire rope manufacturer, based on the Surrey Canal in Camberwell. They became bankrupt in 1849 and George Elliott became their  sole agent and manager . He moved the works to Morden Wharf, and by 1854 had become proprietor of the company, paying off the creditors and the original members of the firm

Although the site which Kuper/George Elliott took at Morden Wharf (Morden Wharf East) was owned by Morden College, there is little mention of the company in their records and it must be assumed that the Telegraph Company took a sub lease from Holcombe. There is in fact of permission given to Holcome to sub-let, although to an unnamed lessee in 1851 .

Kuper is however mentioned by name in 1854 when Morden College were approached by him to be given a larger part of the wharf. There is also some indication that the Telegraph Company were involved in the extension of the wharf into the river – a very noticeable feature of it today. Kuper also petitioned the river conservators for a moorings and permission to embank. He is still noted as the occupier of the wharf in the 1855 for payment of rates in 1855, but by that time he had been taken over completely and the company was in fact Glass Elliott.

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