Carter – Haulage Contractors

haulage poster


Being situated in the industrial area of South East London at Christchurch Way, S.E.10, it is only natural that P. A. Carter & Sons Limited has endeavoured to meet the haulage requirements of the industries among which they live.

They are now operating a modern and well-equipped fleet of vehicles of varying classes and types, including low-loaders, semi-low-loaders, and pole trailers, in addition to the normal type of lorries which go to make up a general haulier’s fleet, and can undertake the more unusual types of loads which they are called upon to transport. The fleet is generally equipped to supply the needs of cable manufacturers and steel erectors, which industries are so well represented in South East and East London.

A more recent development of the business has been the opening of a Midland Depot at Wolverhampton and the establishing of regular daily and nightly services between Greenwich and the Midlands.

Taken from a brochure of Greenwich Industries. 1950s


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