Granite Wharf information

The riverside area now known as Granite Wharf began as an extension of the Greenwich Wharf area developed by Coles Child. It was then let to Mowlem, and became, successively, Wimpey and Tarmac until their lease was terminated in 2000.

Pre-1838 Great Meadow & Dog Kennel Field
1838 – Coles Child signs a lease with Morden College
1844 – Coles Child leases the rest of the land
1850-1860 Edwards factory and sheds
1850-60 George Bullock – grid iron for ships
1852 Mowlem lease the wharf from Coles Child
1936 Wimpey depot on the wharf. Manufacturers of road surfacing materials.
1950s Ovenall & Nelan Ltd., barge and tug repairs
1990s TarmacWilders and Walker Moorings (cf Shrubsall)

In 2002 Groundwork reported “Granite Wharf. Safeguarded wharf, but Tarmac have ceased their aggregate deliveries and  its status is uncertain at present. The timber fencing surrounding the wharf was stained blue and green to reduce impact of graffiti, in 1999.
Sluice inlet between Granite and Badcock Wharf. An eyesore site to many eyes, this disused corner site is located directly above a drainage sluice outlet is nevertheless well colonised by plants.


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