Molassine – at Greenwich Industrial Exhibition

STANDS 73-76
Stand No. 73.

THE MOLASSINE Co., Ltd., Tunnel Avenue, Greenwich, S.E.10. Telephone-Greenwich 135l.
The Molassine Co., Ltd., occupies about 5 acres of land on the Thames side at East Greenwich.
It is well-known to users of the “river and excursionists by its great steel tanks, which are capable of holding nearly 20,000 tons of Molasses, while its imposing offices in Tunnel Avenue cannot be missed.
The Company manufactures Molassine Meal, so popular with owners of live stock everywhere, also Molassirie Poultry Foods and Molassine Dog and Puppy Cakes, as well as the smaller products, such as Mollets, Stimo and Vims, which “dogs love,” the latter having become a household word. Supplies may be had from corn dealers everywhere.

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One thought on “Molassine – at Greenwich Industrial Exhibition”

  1. In the 1950s there were a row of flats in the Mollassine building, whose front doors opened onto a large tarmacced area at about the third or fourth floor level. I had a school friend, from the Dreadnought School, who lived there.

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