Property records in 17th and 18th century Greenwich, notes on Boreman’s Will


The following set of notes comes from a file in the Greenwich Local History collection which relate to property ownerships in the 17th and 18th partly on Greenwich Peninsula, compiled by a researcher working in the 1950s  The K figures and Royal Plan mentioned are obtainable from Greenwich Heritage Centre. The numbers – 0 0 0 refer to rods, poles and perches – i.e. the size of the land involved.

Sir William Boreman -Summary of his will dated 3 February 1684 extracted from copy in possession of the Drapers’ Company.

To be buried in vault in Greenwich churchyard. lack gowns etc. to be provided.

To wife Margaret in lieu and bar of her dower moiety and title of dower Breach Farme in parishes of Earith and Leane in the County of Kent, and 30 acres marsh land in the said parishes, Redland(?reedland) or foreland in the said parishes etc.  To wife

1 tenement late in tenure of Richard Bignell.

1 tenement now or late in occupation of Colonel Wilbys.

messuage or tenement now or late in occupation of John Bartlett.

1 tenement now or late in occupation of Jonathan Ireland.

1 tenement——————————John Moore.

3 tenements and their appurtenances which I am now building between the King’s Arms Inn and Mrs. Fister’s house.

Tenement and appurtenances in occupation of John Turner.

——————————————-            Edward King.

All which tenements are situate etc. in East Lane in Greenwich aforesaid.

All my 5 tenements in Boreman’s Court in parish of East Greenwich now occupied by Bartholomew Wood , John Searle, John Turner , John Price and the widow Tymar.

All that upland and marsh land ‘in East Greenwich which I bought of Sir Lancelot Lake now or late. In the tenure or occupation of Thomas Patmour together with all those several parcels of land in Greenwich Marsh now occupied by Thomas Smith, John Worrell, John Heath, John Everis, Roger Raby, and Thomas Collins.

Inn or tenement commonly called the King’s Arms in East Lane together with the marsh land now in the occupation of Roger Raby of the Pike Gardens with the ponds and tenements belonging with the rent of 5 payable out of the cofferer’s office by the Office of H.M. Green Cloth for his fishmonger’s use of the said ponds.

The mansion house in Greenwich aforesaid with furniture etc. for life

To wife for life : Full half part of my sister’s plate etc.

To Draper’s Company

The school and schoolhouse together with the White House next there- unto adjoining in the tenure and occupation of Henry Frank, schoolmaster, and also the brick house now called the Lyon House in the tenure and occupation of Bowles, gent. with the outhouses, yards, gardens, and appurtenances lying in the said Parish of East Greenwich.


Portion of Greenwich which was built-up at that time, which formed the subject of a similar address in 1937. Some dependent evidence was cited from a thereto unknown ‘particular’ of property of the Boreman family dated 1734 and a recently discovered history, dated 1816 of the Roper Trust for the poor of the parishes of Farningham , Eynsford and Horton Kirby, the endowment of which was derived from lands in Greenwich Marsh.


Copy of document in Library of the Draper’s Company , the lands referred to are not, and never have been, in the possession of the Company, as Trustees for the Boreman Charity or otherwise, but apparently are the lands of the Trust created by Sir William Boreman’ s will for the benefit of his family.

A Particular of lands late of Sir William Boreman lying in the Parish of East Greenwich in the county of Kent taken by Survey and admeasurement of the same in February 1734 being as followeth:-

£26 Wm.Willoughby of East Greenwich aforesaid holdeth a piece of Marsh Land called the Pond Meadow abutting East on the Manorway , South West and North on the lands of the late Sir Edwd. Betenson containing 2. 3 15. (Note: This is the K19 of the Royal Survey. K17 K18  are marked Foster’s Hole on the plan)

The said Wm holdeth two pieces more called. Hawk’s Marshes abutting east on Wickers Lane and South on the highway leading from Greenwich to Woolwich contingent 11 0. 30  (Note: These are the 4 plots west  of Vicar’s Lane)

£5 10s Richard Meads of Greenwich holdeth one piece of marsh land called Foster’s Hole. the lands of Morden College West and North, the manorway East and the late Sir Edwd Betenson South contingent. 2. 1. 37  (Note: these are the lands K17 and K18 of the Survey.

£3 John Land of do. butcher, holdeth one piece of marsh land with a foreland of reed, the river of Thames West, Morden College land. North, Blackwall Lane east and the late Sir Edwd . Betenson’ s Lands South, containing 1 3 10. (Note: this land is south of K 14)

£9 Thomas Moor at Coombe Farm holdeth a piece of marsh land by Arnold’ s Sluice, the Thames wall north-east and east, more of the said land south, and the late Sir Edwd Betenson’s lands south-west and west, contingent . 6 3 8. (Note Arnold ‘ s Sluice was at the north east extremity of the Marsh. This land lay north of Arnold ‘ s Sluice and of K11 of the Survey, and consisted of two plots 6 0 25 and 0 2 23 areas)

£40b Thos. Jefferys of Greenwich, butcher, holdeth several piece s of marsh land, to wit one long piece adjoining East to the Thames wall, South on Mr. Craggs’ heirs, west on a marsh called The Twelve Acres, and North-west on the land last above mentioned, containing. 13 0 0 (Note: this is K 11 except the 2 roods 23 poles at the north east. corner. The Twelve Acres is K 10 plus two strips on the south side) The said Thos. holdeth part of the aforesaid  Twelve Acres 6 2 0 (Note: The eastern part of K 10) The said Thos. holdeth one piece called the Pound Marsh adjoining North-west to the said Twelve Acres, Eastward to Mr. Craggs’ heirs, and west to more of the said land in the occupation of Davage 4 2 6 (Note Pound Marsh is K8). The said Thos. holdeth a piece of manorway enclosed leading to said Pound Marsh etc. containing 0 1 3 (Note: South of K 8 and East of K 7.)

£4 Thos. Moor of Greenwich, carpenter, holdeth one piece of marsh land near the last mentioned adjoining south-west and North-west to the manorway and South east to Morden College land called Balsop containing. 2 1 26 (Note: South of K 7 and North of K 5)

£19 Daniel Davage of Greenwich, butcher, holdeth several pieces of the said land, to wit one piece adjoining East to the aforementioned Pound Marsh and South-east to the manorway containing. 3 3 18 (This is the K7 of the Survey) The said Daniel holdeth two pieces abutting North west on the manorway near to Blackwall Lane end, a little piece of Mr. Frankling’s lying between them, adjoining to the Lady Harvey’ s land north-east and to Mr .Craggs’ heirs on the South-east containing , 4 .0 20 (Note: two plots one south of K4 1 3 30 next plot but one to South 2 0 30   together  4 0 20. The said Daniel holdeth one other piece abutting south to Horn Lane , west to Mr. Craggs’ heirs  and north to Morden College land called Goose Pool containing 4 ‘3 3 (Note: South of K3.)

  1. Wm Smith of Greenwich holdeth a little piece of marsh 1ying at the North side of Horn Lane and adjoining west to the last mentioned , containing 1 1 31

Total Marsh Lands 66 0 7

The said Mr. Wm Smith and Mr. Blake hold a pull of upland lying on the south side of the highway leading from Greenwich to Woolwich and  bounded on the west with Conduit Lane . Called by the name of Catts Brains, containing  5 2 21  (Note – east of Vanburgh Hill and south of Woolwich Road. Opposite to K25)

TOTAL 71.2.28


Morden College Estate survey  1771

By M. Searles Sen and Jun

Plan no. 1

A The Eighteen Acres                                   18  3 10                 K 12

B Common                                                       2  0 27                 K13

C Marsh                                                             3  0 10

D The Howse Marsh                                        6  3 19                 K9

E A piece of marsh land                                   2  2  0                 K 14

F In the twelve Acres                                         9  0  0                Part of K 10

G .Further Pitts                                                   8  2  0               North end of K 15

H Great Pitts                                                       6  3  2               Remainder of K 15

I Great Pitts                                                         5 0 25                          “

J LittlePitts                                                            2  2 22

K A piece of marsh land                                   3  0  0                 K 6

L Balsops Marsh                                                                                                                6 0 22                                     K 5

M Goose Poole                                                                                                                 5 1 30                                     K3

N Lady Marsh                                                                                                                    3 1 0                                       K 16

0 By the Vicar’s Acre                                                                                                       1 0 0                                       K 1

P Bendish .Marsh                                                                                                             4 0 11                                     K 20

Q                                                                                                                                             6 0 29

R The Great Meadow                                                                                                     10 1 37                  K 23

S                                                                                                                                              4 2 7

a In the Four Acres –                                                                                                        2 0

a Reeds                                                                                                                                5 0 0                                       foreshore of K 12

b do.                                                                                                                                      1 1 12                                     do.K. 14

c do                                                                                                                                        2 1 ,29                                   do. K 23

d do.                                                                                                                                      4 2 8                                       do. K 15

Plan No.2.

e                                                                                                                                             4 3 20

f Dog Kennel Meadow                                                                                                   3 0 20                                     K24

T                                                                                                                                              6 2 26

U Part of the Ballast Pit                                                                                  7 3 0                                       between K27 and Maze

V Gravel Pit Field                                                                                                              6 0 0                                       ? K26 and K27

OE Conduit t Field                                                                                                            1 3 20                                     South of U

AE East side Ballast Pit                                                                                                    1 2 5                                       in K27

g A Close                                                                                                                              4 3 0                                       east of Payn’s Fields

h Improved Land.                                                                                                            3 38

i do.                                                                                                                                        2 4

j do.                                                                                                                                       3 2 38

k Pains Field                                                                                                                       2 0 0                                       S12

l An Anchor Wharf                                                                                                            1 22                                      At end of Ballast Quay

m Land built on                                                                                                                 4 0 8                                       K31

Plan No 3

n Land built on                                                                                                   3 9                                        Not in Royal Survey

o do                                                                                                                                          24                                       includes the O of the Royal Survey                              but extended to turn of Lamb Lane

p do                                                                                                                                       1 5                                        K38

1 A wharf                                                                                                                                22

Plan.No. 4.

& Maidenstone Hill                                                                                                         13 2 18

q Land built on                                                                                                  1 1 2

Plan no.5.

W Gravell Pit Close                                                                                                          3 2 3                                       K33

X Mill Field                                                                                                                          4 3 24                                     K35

Y do.                                                                                                                                      6 0 11                                     do

z                                                                                                                                              3 0 20

r Limekiln Fields                                                                                                                 2 18                                      K36 and K37

s                                                                                                                                              3 1 4

t Little Stones                                                                                                                    7 1 0

u Sheep Gate Field                                                                                                          2 3 10                                     K30

v The Shindles                                                                                                   1 10                                      South side of Blackheath Hill

w Land built upon                                                                                                             3 17

x do.                                                                                                                                       2 7

s do.                                                                                                                                       1 37

z do.                                                                                                                                      1 39

V Kuther’s Close                                                                                                               2 1 32

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