Victoria Deep Wharf – the early site

Victoria Deep Water Wharf

The area before industrialisation

Blisset were a local Greenwich family of landowners, while Jeffrey rented a number of other local fields.  Lack of records – this area is largely uncovered by the Morden College archive – means that it is not clear what the pre-industrialisation field names were.
North of the first plot a narrow strip of land was owned by Morden College in the same occupation, Thomas Jeffrey.  The Morden College plans, continuously updated, describe  ownership as Calvert Clark in 1838. However field names are not clear for this part of the site either.
By 1865 the site ownership is listed as Clark and Terry.

The area now known as Victoria Deep Water Wharf is the next site to the north of Bay Wharf. Marked on the Skinner Plan as ‘B’  – for Blisset, in the occupation of Thomas Jeffrey

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