Lovells Wharf – Greenwich Wharf

Information on Lovells Wharf

Coles Child

Lovells Wharf   three articles by Mary Mills published in Bygone Kent November 1999, December 1999 and March 2000)

LRA report on wharves description of the wharf in a review undertaken by the London Rivers Association 1980s

Rowton and Whiteway

Cement – see articles Lovells Wharf 


THE ICE WELL AT LOVELL’S WHARF – article by Mary Mills written for Kent Underground Research Group newsletter Ashby – general note

John Waddell and Co.

Mr. Walker


Davis Morgan & Co,

Joseph Guy. Hull Co.

Norman Houliford

Yarmouth Carriers

Shaw Lovell

Removal of Cranes copy of letter from Government office re. listing

Letters re background and listing of cranes letters re. Lovells cranes0001

London and Regional Developer

 lovells developer leaflet0001  copy of developer’s newsletter lovells original brochure0001 Revised regeneration proposals by the developer Lovells developer leaflet0001 on revision of housing development plans 2012 London and Regional Properties Return to Lovells Wharf

Riverway – industrial sites

Industrial sites in Riverway

Frank Hills – Chemical Works (information on this site after 1895 as Phoenix Wharf can be found under Gasworks)

The Tide Mill and Frank Hills

Frank Hills and his business interests

The Hills Family

Ballard – Nuisance Report

Cutting from Kentish Mercury 1846 on accident at Hills’ chemical works – see post

D.C.Davies – Extracts on Hills mining interests (not yet loaded)

Bryan Hope Chapter from A Curious Place on Henry Hills (copyright not loaded)

Mary Mills THE EARLY EAST LONDON GAS INDUSTRY AND ITS WASTE PRODUCTS  (more material on the same site)

Fuel Research

Charlton Research Works Fatality

Fuel Research – brief history

Coalite Plant

Brochure on Coalite History

Redpath Brown

Redpath Brown – new pictures and more

More Pictures of Redpath Brown

A Structural Steelworks on the Greenwich Peninsula

Letters on Redpath Brown – Arthur Turner, Rick Tisdell

Letter on demolition of Redpath Brown site. Andrew Turner

Redpath Brown brochure text

Final demolition of Redpath Brown buildings on the Dome site

Bolckow Vaughan

Dorman Long

Blackwall Point Power Station

Blackwall Point Power Station – article from GIHS Newsletter

Blackwall Point Power Station – official handout

Blackwall Point Power Station – note and sources

The Fatal Boiler Explosion

Blackwall Point Power Station. Frederick Gair

New East Greenwich and the Tide Mill

ceylon place pilot plaque
Plaque on the Pilot pub

Maps and plans of the tide mill

East Greenwich Tide Mill – by Julian Watson

Damn Your Eyes Mr. Sharp – article by Mary Mills for local paper

New East Greenwich – article by Mary Mills for Bygone Kent

Olinthus Gregory’s Description of the East Greenwich Tide Mill – contemporary account 1802 from Mechanics by Gregory who was a Professor at the Royal Military Academy

Richard Trevithick and the boiler explosion

The Explosion – Article by Mary Mills for Bygone Kent

Weale on the Explosion – contempory account from J.Farey, Treatise on the Steam Engine

Richard Trevithick Letter about the Explosion – copy of letter from Trevithick’s biography

Anniversary article – article by Mary Mills for local press

Richard Trevithick in East Greenwich – article by Mary Mills for Bygone Kent

200th Anniversary of an industrial accident – article in Greenwich Industrial History Newsletter – need to scroll down a bit

Miscellaneous posters and documents on the tide mill, East Lodge and Ceylon Place

East Greenwich Tide Mill – later 19th century accounts  – from The Engineer and Mechanics Magazine


Return to Riverway

Bugsby’s Hole – some background

Bugsby’s Hole – Some articles about the area and its originals



roundelWas there a pre-18th century building at Bugsby’s Hole?   – note by Mary Mills

Other Bugsby’s holes – note by Mary Mills

Letter from Pat O’Driscoll – please see very important comment on this posting by Dale Bugby

Who was Bugsby (cutting  from PLA Journal by Mr Green) please see very important comment on this posting by Dale Bugby

The Importance of Being Bugsby. Muriel Searle. Port of London. January 1975. (not reproduced, no copyright permission)

Bugsby is Bugby

Bugsby’s Hole. letter to the press  – Kentish Mercury 1923 An altered roadway – newspaper cutting – some recollections – Kentish Mercury 1932 Also see Return to Riverway

Bay Wharf – some information about the site

Bay Wharf
This area was owned by Morden College and was part of the Great and Little Pits

The area appears to have been divided into two – the southern section, now part of Morden Wharf and ‘Bay Wharf’ the area around Horseshoe Breach (or The Great Breach).

The site was sold in two lots by Maudslay – one the area now known as Bay Wharf and the other the plot subsequently occupied by Molassine.

Return to Maudslay Son and Field

Return to Bay Wharf

Tunnel Avenue

Tunnel Avenue as part of East Greenwich – East Greenwich
Tunnel Avenue as a road on the Peninsula – Tunnel Avenue

Tunnel Avenue Depot (Greenwich Council)

Text of booklet about Met. Borough of Greenwich Cleansing Centre

Robson’s Firework Factory

Cuttings on the accidents at the Robson and Dyer Factory – contemporary cuttings from Kentish Mercury

Gunpowder, Inspection and Death – article by Mary Mills from ByGone Kent

United Lamp Black

East Greenwich Residents’ co – cutting from Kentish Mercury about puddings

British Oxygen

British Oxygen – brief note about the company

An explosion at a Greenwich Works – cutting from Kentish Mercury about an explosion at British Oxygen