Enderby Wharf

Enderby Wharf

The list below gives a brief run through of the site’s history in date order with links to detailed articles about each one.  Further down you will find another list of texts on subjects connected to the Wharf, with links through to them.

Bendish Marsh
Salution House
1694-1770 The Gunpowder Depot
1800 – 1846 Vitriol Works
1810 The Ropewalk
1830-1849?  The Enderbys and their work
1830 – c.1860 Joshua Taylor Beale
Cement Works
Telegraph Cable Works 1854 Glass Elliott and William Henley move on site. Henley moves out and goes to North Woolwich.  1854-1864 Glass Eliott. 1864 Telegraph Cables and Maintenance Company.  1935 Submarine Cables Ltd. (merger with Siemens – company eventually becomes part of AEI).  1970 Taken over by Submarine Telephones and Cables Ltd. (became part of ITT)  1991 Nortel  1994 Alcatel

Enderby Wharf at Risk  article from Industrial Archaeology News

Alcatel – text of booklet, Greenwich Centre for International Communications.

The Enderby site – notes on the site and what remains there

Enderby Wharf – Chapter from Greenwich Marsh

Leaflet about Enderby House

Enderby3  Enderby Group Campaign leaflet

Press release for Enderby site

Telegraph Cables

For detailed articles cuttings of the companies and manufacture of cable and telecoms equipment at Enderby Wharf  go to Telegraph Cable page

Calvert Clark

Calvert Clark  details of what is known about this landowner


Winkfield Bell


William Buckwell


Bankrupt on the Alps highly amusing account of Buckwell’s arrest in the Italian Alps and subsequent standoff on the French/Italian/Swiss border. Cutting from the Mercury

James Pomeroy




Greenwich Flax Works*


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