Telegraph Cables at Enderbys

Enderby Wharf at Risk


Enderby Wharf talk by Richard Buchanan


Telegraph Cables

The cable is a big subject and has been well covered in numerous works. Some of the ones used here include: Kieve (see above), John Merrett, Three Miles Deep, Hamish Hamilton, 1958, Telcon Story, Telcon. n.d, K.R.Haigh, Cableships, STC, One Hundred Years of STC, STC 1983, Hugh Barty-King, Girdle Round the Earth, London, 1979, Tom Standage, The Victorian Internet, London, 1998, Daphne D.C.Pochin Mold, Valentia, Dublin, 1978, Peter Young, Power of Speech, London, 1983 and a number of web sites including that of Cable & Wireless, and that of the Heart’s Content Museum. Since the book was written Alcatel have produced ‘Greenwich. Centre for global telecommunications from 1850′ by Steve Hill and Alan Jeal, Alcatel, 2000. An American TV documentary shown on Discovery Channel TV made a number of references to conditions in the Greenwich factory – but correspondence asking them for sources has gone unanswered. References not given below in pp. 54-67 are taken from these, but predominantly from Merrett and Telcon Story. Also please note Bill Burns comprehensive web site

Cable was first made at Morden Wharf


Greenwich Centre for Global Telecommunications – Alcatel publcation

Telegraph Cables – most important laid


It all started in Ireland.  Allan Green

Article on Alcatel – David Riddle

Telcon in 1951

Thanks to them – cables and cable shipsn- article from PLA

km JUBILLEE OF CABLE 19060001  Greenwich and the jubilee of the first Atlantic cable

From Elektron to E Commerce

Transatlantic telecommunications time line

Part one of article from Wonders of World Engineering on the Atlantic Cable  Part two

The last monument to Britain’s Subsea Cables Industry

The Dark side of the wonder material for submarine cables

Cable ship Faraday

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