Delta, & Point Wharves

Mary Mills Greenwich Marsh. 100 Years Before the Dome

Delta Wharf

General background on Delta Wharf

Mary Mills A Breach in the Sea Wall – from GIHS blog – problems with the sea wall in the 1820s

Delta Metal information on the company in Greenwich here

Delta Metal Co. took over sites from Humphrey & Grey, Shrubsall and North Pole

John Bethell & Co. Improved Wood Paving

After Bethell’s death the company name changed to ‘Improved Wood Paving’.  the Wharf was also ‘Imperial Wharf’

Wood block paving- what happened to it – article from GIHS blog

Ferro Concrete

Accident at Ferro Concrete, Imperial Wharf


Henry in Wartime account of wartime work by this sack making company

The southern section of this area became known as Sussex Wharf and

Forbes Abbott

At Sussex Wharf. They moved here from Ordnance Wharf. All information about them at their Ordnance Wharf site here

The Standard Ammonia Co.

National Benzol Co.

Distribution depot

Eastwoods Barge Builders

Civil and Marine

Thames Police Station


Edmunds Barge Builder (taken over by Humpheries and Grey)

Humphrey & Grey (Lighterage) Ltd (taken over by Hays and moved to Bay Wharf c.1945)

Thos. W. Hughan & Co. Ltd.

hughan ad0001 – advertisement for Hughan

North Pole Ice Co

Flower and Everett

Barge Repair at north end of the wharf

Fashoda Street

Blackwall Aggregates

Civil and Marine

Report on Civil and Marine


1900-1943 Shrubsall Barge Builder

Greenwich Built Barges

Greenwich Built Barges 2






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