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Useful links and resources for people seeking further information about the Greenwich Peninsula and its history.


4 thoughts on “Links and Resources”

  1. Mollasine Company mixed locally dug peat with molasses in buildings in Woodwalton Fen, Huntingdonshire. The works was fairly close to Holme railway station, on the main Kings Cross to Edinburgh line just a few miles south of Peterborough. Could we be talking about the same company? The buildings are now demolished although I have a few photos of them as derelict sheds if any one is interested. I also know the local farmer, again, if anyone is interested!
    See ‘Great’ for what is happening to the site area recently

      1. Will e-mail or post photos to you if you send me an address. Don’t get to excited because they are mainly rusty corrugated iron sheds!!! The peat was carried from the fields to the sheds by miniature railways

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