Mechanics Arms – 1880s. corner of Blackwall Lane and Morden Wharf Road

Mitre – in Blackwall Lane. Also Tunnel Club, Dorringtons, Meridian etc etc. endless name changes, can’t keep up with them

Pilot – was in Riverway as part of Ceylon Place. Now free standing off East Parkside

Sea Witch   – on the riverside path at the end of Morden Wharf Lane

Star in the East – Blackwall Lane. Now Ranbourn near the Blackwall Tunnel entrance

Ship and Billet – for a while this was the Frog and Radiator, now the Duchess Bar

Green Man

Golden Anchor

Cutty Sark

Pubs on the Peninsula

Two Vanished Greenwich Pubs – Star in the East – Sea Witch

Return to Peninsula wide


Created by DPE, Copyright IRIS 2009
From Kentish Mercury 16th November 1849



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