Riverway and Bugsby

Riverway – this was once a road which went down to the river – to Bugsby’s Hole..  It was once called Marsh Lane and ran off Blackwall Lane turning east to  the river having passed The Pilot pub.  Today The Pilot stands in a square with its adjoining cottages – and there is a wall between it and the river built by the landscape designers of the Dome.

Before these designers got busy Riverway had houses, and people, and also industries – Blackwall Point Power Station, Redpath Brown’s steel works, and the back end of the gas works with their Phoenix Wharf built on the site of Frank Hills chemical works.  Before that there had been a tide mill built in 1801 where the history of the steam engine had been changed.  On the other side of the road from the mill was a big house – East Lodge.

General information and articles about Bugsby’s Hole here

Information on the building of New East Greenwich and the East Greenwich Tide Mill and the explosion in the boiler of Richard Trevithick’s Engine here

Frank Hills Chemical works information here

Redpath Brown information here

Blackwall Point Power Station further information here

Letter from Pat O’Driscoll  a walk along the riverbank, and a reminsence

The Pilot  Ceylon Place East Lodge – information about these here

Fuel Research

Charlton Research Works Fatality

Fuel Research – brief history

Coalite Plant

Brochure on Coalite History



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