Hills Chemical Works

The tide mill at Bugsby’s Hole was sold in 1842 and bought by chemical entrepreneur, Frank Hills, and sold, after his death in the late 1890s

Frank Hills Chemical works

information on this site after 1895 as Phoenix Wharf can be found under Gasworks

The Tide Mill and Frank Hills article on Frank Hills’ purchase and use of the tide mill

Frank Hills and his business interests – how Frank Hills made a LOT of money

The Hills Family  – the tentacles of the Hills family spreading over British industry

Ballard – Nuisance Report  – a medical expert’s view of the Hills works

Cutting from Kentish Mercury 1846 on accident at Hills’ chemical works – see post

D.C.Davies – Extracts on Hills mining interests (not yet loaded)

Bryan Hope Chapter from A Curious Place on Henry Hills (copyright, not loaded)

Mary Mills THE EARLY EAST LONDON GAS INDUSTRY AND ITS WASTE PRODUCTS  (the first of a series of entries in a blog, many of which relate to Frank Hills – there is more material on the same site)

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