Angerstein Railway – enabling Act of Parliament


Enabling Act of Parliament, extract



Act to authorise the Construction of a Bridge across the Lower Turnpike Road leading from Greenwich to Woolwich, and the crossing of a footpath.  [20th May 1851)

WHEREAS JOHN Angerstein of Woodlands in the County Kent, Esquire, has partially constructed in the Parish of Greenwich in the said County of into a Way which seeks to convert into a Railway, by laying down thereon a double set of Rails, with all necessary Sidings, Points, Turntables, and  appurtinances, and such Railway will connect the River Thames Railway known as the North Kent Railway. And whereas the way is intersected by the Lower Turnpike Road leading from Greenwich to Woolwich, and will be incomplete until carried over by means of a Bridge; and such Way is also intersected by a public Footpath which runs along the South Bank of the River Thames, and leads from Greenwich to Woolwich, and will be incomplete until carried across such Footpath as herein-after mentioned: whereas a Plan and Section describing the Situation and Levels

14 VICTORIA, Cap.xx. 287

The Angerstein Railway Act, 1851.

of future Railways authorized or to be authorized by any the present or succeeding, Sessions of Parliament, and/or other acts in relation to Railways; and Two other Acts were passed in the Ninth and Tenth Years of the Reign of Her said Majesty, and An Act for regulating the Gauge of Railways, and An Act concerning Commissioners of Railways. Be it enacted, That what this Act contained shall be held to exempt the said railway from the Provisions of such several Acts respectively, but provisions shall be in force in respect to the said Railway so far same are applicable thereto that nothing herein contained shall be deemed or construed Provision to exempt the said Railway from the Provisions of any General Act in future to Railways now in force or which may hereafter pass during this or any future Session of Parliament.  Acts. That no Works shall be done under the Powers of this Act For Protection which shall in any way interfere with any Sewers, Drains, or Water works under the Control of the Metropolitan Commissioners of Sewers or which shall otherwise injure or interfere with any Watercourses or other Matters under the Control of the said Commissioners enacted therewith; and nothing in this Act contained shall be deemed or construed to extend to prejudice, diminish, take away any of the rights, Powers, or Authorities vested Commissioners, but all the Rights, Powers, and Authorities in them shall be as good, valid, and effectual as if this Act been passed.  That in this Act the Expressions “the Railway” or the interpretation shall mean the said Railway from the River Thames to the North Kent Railway. That in citing or referring to this Act in other acts of short Title or in Pleadings, legal Instruments, or other legal Provisions, it shall be sufficient to use the Expression “The Angerstein Act, 1871”.



Printers to the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty. 1851.  


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