Lovell’s Wharf

This area is made up of a number of wharves listed below.  Greenwich Wharf, Lovells Wharf, Granite Wharf, Providence Wharf, Badcock’s Wharf. Pipers – and a road, Cadet (or Paddock) Place
It is now known as Greenwich Wharf and is a housing area.  A brief general history of the Wharf can be found here
TEXTS about Lovells –  Greenwich Wharf  – the area we now know was made up of a number of wharves and inland areas which changed with different users over the years. Articles below are listed under the specific area using its contemporary name where possible.

Great Meadow and Dog Kennel Field

LOVELLS WHARF  for information on industries on Lovells Wharf – – Coles Child, Rowton, Ashby, Shaw Lovell, etc.  here

GRANITE WHARF – for information on industries on Granite Wharf – medieval tide mill – Mowlem – Cadet Place Wall – Tarmac  – here

PIPERS WHARF – for information on Pipers here  and here including Scholey

PROVIDENCE WHARF – for information on Providence Wharf and Hughes barge builders here


John Badcock

Greenwich Built Barges – list of barges known to have been built in Greenwich

Deverell’s Boat Yard

Greenwich District Board of Works at Board of Works Wharf (became Badcock’s)

Dead Dog Bay – Parish Wharf – information about the inlet




Thames Foundry


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