Greenwich Works Explosion

The cutting below is from the Kentish Mercury undated but must be from the early 1950s. The British Oxygen Company’s works were on the corner of Denham Street and Tunnel Avenue – easily identifiable from the newer housing.


other items on the page – which I haven’t scanned are:

1. Plumstead Marine a Korea prisoner – thus the cutting must be from the duration of the Korean War – this relates to young Kenneth Wyeth in a North Korean prison camp – (are you still there, Ken??)
3. Bag Snatchers in Brockley – Catford actress Ida White was mugged by two young men
4. No Use Crying over Spilt Milk – the milkman’s horse bolted in Blackheath and 200 bottles smashed
5. Hundreds failed to hear the Radio Doctor – this was at a mass meeting of Lewisham Conservatives – he said ‘the choice will be between Socialism and Freedom … what is happening is not unconnected with the MP in this constituency – Mr. Herbert Morrison!!!!)
6. Walked into Lorry – a lady killed while crossing Westcombe Hill to buy a paper
7. Hidden hoard of money found in Woolwich – behind the sink, by a new owner.


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