Angerstein Railway

A brief history and overview of Angerstein Railway can be found here. This page includes all the various extension lines and sidings – including that to the gas works

Return to Angerstein Wharf

Return to The Gas Works

The Angerstein Railway  – article written in 1998 as changes to the area were made for construction of the Dome

Angerstein Wharf and Railway by John Smith, from his ‘History of Charlton’

Angerstein railway – enabling Act of Parliament – extract from the local press

Trip on the Angerstein Railway – Andrew Turner – description of an enthusiasts tour.

Greenwich vestry report into the railway Official  notice   -of intention to build a bridge over the Woolwich Road. Press cutting

Mr Angerstein’s Railway By John Hilton, Bygone Kent. This article is copyright and thus cannot be reproduced. (if Mr. Hilton sees this and gives us permission – then would he happy to add the text)


Articles on Angerstein Wharf were published in Southern Railway Magazine Dec 1925 & Nov. 1925. We cannot contact the authors to get permission to reproduce here.

The Gas Works railway – review of book by Malcolm Millichip from  GIHS Newsletter

Rail Roots on the site of the Dome  from Railway Magazine

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