Salution House

Salution House shown on Morden College deed

Salution House is shown on a number of plans – and remains a complete mystery. It is marked on a Morden College Survey plan of c. 1800 and, while not marked, can be seen on the 1843 tithe map.  It is marked as such on a Morden College deed of 1858 and can still be seen on the 1880s Ordnance Map.

‘Salutation House’ was a common name for a public house at the time – but this building is isolated, inland with no obvious road or footpath access. Clearly the spelling is also different.

An alternative is that this is actually ‘Solution House’ and that it has some relation to the bleach works, or vitriol works which was nearby.

On plans of the 1840s – 1860s, however, a clear pathway is shown from the riverside going to the building. After 1870 as the Telegraph Works became built up the site becomes unidentifiable among a jumble of factory buildings – but an aeriel photograph of the 1951s shows a building on site with the same layout as that shown on the plan.  A building on the site has been demolished since 2010

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